About Us

About Us

ikonique® is an affordable, prestige, anti-aging skincare range proudly developed and manufactured in Australia.

Julian Jones, the founder of ikonique®, is passionate about the skincare industry in Australia. Julian has worked in the industry for over thirty years. He is widely known and respected both nationally and internationally for his knowledge and skills in developing and marketing the best anti-aging skincare. Julian has seen the skincare market make amazing progress over that time and we are excited about the performance that is now possible when products are carefully and properly formulated and manufactured. Julian has applied his vast knowledge and experience to create ikonique®. ikonique® is proudly a privately owned Australian company.

ikonique® products are intelligent in that they adjust to your specific skin type and condition, providing perfect levels of hydration and big improvements to appearance and feel. ikonique® won’t compromise on the quality of our formulations by focusing on cost. Instead, we make the best performing products we possibly can, knowing that you, as our customer, want it that way.

We know you will love experiencing ikonique® and we look forward to hearing from you. You can connect with us via Facebook or Twitter or, in the old way – via email!

Thank you for your time and interest, and we look forward to you being among the first to experience something amazing!