Gentle Rose Hydra-Mist


Ikonique® Gentle Rose Hydra-Mist is your “Hydration-on-the-Go” solution! It delivers an instant moisture boost along with lifting, firming and evening your skins appearance and feel!




Ikonique® Gentle Rose Hydra-Mist contains four scientifically proven active ingredients. These ingredients act to super hydrate, lift, firm, brighten and soothe the appearance and feel of your skin. Add to this an uplifting Organic Bulgarian Rose Water scent and you have the perfect take anywhere, delightful mist!



Organic Bulgarian Rose Water is recognized as the best rose water available anywhere in the world! It’s delightful, uplifting scent is guaranteed to put a spring in your step whilst hydrating, balancing skin tone, reducing water loss, calming irritated skin, fighting free radicals and benefitting collagen and elastin.

Australian Indigenous Kakadu Plum Extract offers the highest natural level of Vitamin C in a stable form! It provides so many visible benefits including 24% reduction in Pigmentation, 28% reduction in redness, 25% increase in brightness and a 45% decrease in uneven dark areas of the skin! Add to these a 70%+ improvement in hydration and a 60%+ improvement in skin elasticity and you can see why we had to include it in our Gentle Rose Hydra-Mist!

Australian Lotus Flower Extract is another amazing new active ingredient! It lowers the appearance of inflamed skin, is a powerful anti oxidant, hydrates and smooths the skin, benefits collagen, provides environmental pollution protection, reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes just to name a few benefits!

Lipomoist 2036 is a water based molecular film that strongly boosts hydration levels in the skin by 200% in 1 hour, 100% in 4 hours (in the short term) and sustains 25% over 24 hours, and that’s just from one application! With continued daily use, results of 28% increase in sustained hydration levels are achieved. It also enhances the appearance of skin elasticity by its effect on Elastin and firmness by its effect on Collagen.



Organic Rose Water • Ethanol • Glycerine • Kakadu Plum Extract • Lotus Flower Extract • Xanthan Gum • Caprylyl Glycol • Pectin • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein • Serine • Arginine • Proline • Glucose • Carrageenan • Water (Aqua) • Butylene Glycol • Ethylhexylglycerin • Phenoxyethanol • Potassium • Sorbate • Citric Acid


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