Ultra Collagen

Ultra Collagen

Ultra Collagen Hydra-Serum – The Story!

ikonique® would not exist without the amazing success of our best selling product Ultra Collagen Hydra-Serum.

Since our launch, this incredible serum has become an essential must have for thousands of happy ikonique® clients! Every day we receive wonderful customer reviews telling us about the improvements their skin has experienced by regularly applying this product. They report smoother, softer looking and feeling skin and no dry or oily issues after just a week or so.

Containing seven scientifically tried and tested active anti-aging ingredients including plant sourced epidermal growth factors, vegetable derived peptides and marine hydro colloids, this unique formulation intelligently optimises the look and feel of your skin and maintains this younger revitalised appearance for as long as you continue using it!

If there’s just one ikonique® product you decide to try first, make it Ultra Collagen Hydra-Serum!

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