Leave-On Exfoliating Hydra-Gel

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ikonique® Leave-On Exfoliating Hydra-Gel combines exfoliation with hydration. Used as directed, morning or night, one bottle lasts for 4 months.




ikonique® Leave On Exfoliating Hydra-Gel is a unique combination of hydrating ingredients with an enzyme from the Papaya fruit. This enzyme, called Papain, gently loosens dead skin cells from the surface of your skin so they can detach, giving your skin a younger, more radiant appearance. Powerful hydration softens and plumps your skin, too! Best of all, you don’t rinse it off. Easy!



All active ingredients contained in ikonique formulations are used at manufacturers’ recommended levels to optimise performance.

Dolcevia® is a natural, organic extract that reduces visible wrinkles by 17.3% after 7 days and 33.1% after 14 days. It also improves instant and long term hydration. Your skin will look and feel smoother and hydrated.

Peelmoist is a water based molecular film that contains an enzyme called Papain. This material gently releases dead skin cells from underlying living cells allowing them to separate and detach from the surface. This process occurs invisibly throughout the day and night improving the feel and appearance of your skin. Peelmoist also strongly boosts hydration levels in the skin which is important to compensate for any loss of moisture as the result of exfoliation. It also enhances the appearance of skin elasticity by its effect on Elastin and firmness by its effect on Collagen.

Diffuporine® is a hexapeptide specifically designed to improve the distribution and circulation of hydration levels throughout the skin- 39.3% in 2 hours, 110% in 8 hours (only one application!) and 133% in 56 days used regularly. It improves the overall levels of hydration resulting in firmer feeling, more plumped looking skin.

Hyadisine® is an extract of marine biotechnology designed to improve the appearance of wrinkles instantly and long term, by 11% in 2 hours, 8.4% in 8 hours (only one application!) and 9.3% in 20 days used regularly whilst also improving short, medium and long term hydration.



Water (Aqua) • Glycerin • Papain • Calcium Pantothenate • Xanthan Gum • Caprylyl Glycol • Urea • Magnesium Lactate • Ethylhexylglycerin • Potassium Lactate • Serine • Alanine • Proline • Magnesium Chloride • Sodium Citrate • Butylene Glycol • Acetyl Hexapeptide-37 • Citric Acid • Pseudoalteromonas Exopolysaccharides • Sodium Salicylate • Phenoxyethanol • Sodium Hydroxide • Carbomer • Stevioside • Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate.

2 reviews for Leave-On Exfoliating Hydra-Gel

  1. Pam, South Coogee, NSW

    For me, ikonique is a whole new dimension in skin care. I am no longer applying skin care to mask ageing. I am investing in my skin at a cellular level to delay ageing and support my skin.

  2. Maddy, Airlie Beach, QLD

    It is amazing! You can see the difference within a very few days: skin is toned, hydrated and glowing. Cleansing and exfoliating are quick and prepare the skin beautifully for the treatment products.

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